Sponsor A Family

How do I sponser a family?

Thinking of sponsering a family? On this page you will see profiles of families in our community. You might find that your family unit is similar (same sex/age  children) and you would like to pass down your gently used items to this family. There is no set amount that you are required to give, we just ask that the items you do give are clean and in good condtion. You don't have used items and would still like to sponser a family? Contact us and we can provide you with a list of items needed by the family and forward it to you. Thank you for your generousity!


Tanya is young, new mom starting from scratch. She is due in March and the sex of the baby will be known (hopefully) at around 20 weeks. Tanya started a wish list and some of her items include:




-travel crib (play pen)